Gas Mileage Calculator

To get the numbers you require for this calculator: when you fuel up set your vehicle trip meter to zero (or write down your odometer number) and fill the tank to the top. The next time you fuel up write down your trip meter value (or your new odometer reading) and ensure you fill your tank to the top again. Keep your gas receipt as it has your litres filled and price of gas. You then input your kilometers driven (subtract odometer reading if that's what you used), litres of fuel and gas price. It's that easy. Challenge yourself to optimize your efficiency by following our DriveWiser tips and using the mileage calculator.


Litres per 100km Miles per Imperial Gallon
Fuel $ to drive 1km Fuel $ to drive 1 mile

I have a new car no mileage to speak of and I have just filled it up. How do I work out my cost & km/100 to get started

about one month ago

2006 Ranger V6. Not bad but gas & wear and tear & it costs me 2 hours of my pay just to go to work. I could live with a part time job closer to home. More time for fishing and grandkids....Hmmm

about three months ago

05 silverado

about three months ago

I walk to work, so I think my milage should be pretty good, but I can't seem to get a good answer from this calculator

about five months ago

my gas milage stinks for this vehicle

about seven months ago

no comment

about eleven months ago

what's my milage?

about one year ago

12 April 11 to 12 May 11

about one year ago

28 JAN 11 - Canadian Tire Gas Bar

about one year ago

1 Imperial gallon = 4.54609188 liters, 64 liters = 14.078 imp gallons 1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers, 880 km = 546.8 miles 546.8/14.078 = 38.84 MPG (imperial) not 32.35 based on 3.78 liters per US gal

about two years ago
Gas Receipt
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