DriveWiser is here to help Nova Scotians drive, maintain and buy for fuel efficiency to save you money, reduce Nova Scotia's GHG emissions and improve air quality. 



We provide information to help you get from A to B using the least amount of fuel possible. We want to help you research and understand fuel efficient vehicles, and the links between fuel consumption, good car maintenance and driving habits - which is where anyone can see big savings right away, regardless of the car you have.


DriveWiser is a motor vehicle fuel efficiency program run by the non-profit Clean Nova Scotia, and funded by Conserve Nova Scotia and Natural Resources Canada.





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DW Streeters in Dartmouth

What do you think can be done to encourage Nova Scotias to use a more sustainable form of transportation?

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How Much Does it Cost You to Drive to Work?


  • 43% of you commute to work each day by bike

  • 37% of you will buy a hyrbid as their next vehicle
  • 61% of you list saving money as your main interest in fuel efficiency
  • 48% of you idle 0-59 seconds per day
*All percentages are based on DriveWiser poll results

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