DriveWiser is here to help Nova Scotians drive, maintain and buy for fuel efficiency to save you money, reduce Nova Scotia's GHG emissions and improve air quality. 


About DriveWiser:


We provide information to help you get from A to B using the least amount of fuel possible. We want to help you research and understand fuel efficient vehicles, and the links between fuel consumption, good car maintenance and driving habits - which is where anyone can see big savings right away, regardless of the car you have.


DriveWiser is a motor vehicle fuel efficiency program run by the non-profit Clean Nova Scotia, and funded the pronvicial government of Nova



Thank You To All Our Green Check Ups Partners!

DriveWiser would like to extend a BIG thank you to all our parnters in this years Green Check Ups Event! Click here to see which centers participated helping to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. We would also like to thank all the motorists who took the time to bring their vehicles in for a green check up to ensure their vehicles are running efficiently and not generating unnecessary emissions. 

During Oct 24-Nov 4, participating centres provided free Green Check-Ups, that include:

         1.  Inspection of:    
                      a) motor oil
                      b) air filters

c) warning lights

d) tire wear

e) aerodynamics

f) evaporative environmental control

g) brakes


         2.  Road test to evaluate engine and transmission performance.

         3.  Inspect tires for proper inflation.

This is an annual event intended to remind Nova Scotian drivers that regular vehicle maintenance can help save money on fuel consumption, reduce pollution and ensure safe, efficient vehicle operation.



Help Reduce Idling and Win $50

DriveWiser is looking to expand it's idle-free community! We need your help identifying idling hot spots throughout the province. You could win a $50 gift certificate to Canadian Tire and a personal in-car training session for your help. To win, follow these simple directions:

1) Click here and like our face book page (If you haven't already!) 
2) Tell us where you see vehicles idling and why it's important to shut off your engine.

*Contest closes Nov. 29. Winners will be notified on Nov. 30 via Facebook. 
Open to NS residents only.



Here's a Quick Way to Go Through Insurance Plans

Whether you choose to admit it or not, being able to end up with the best auto insurance Belleville has to offer as well as other policies that you will need in the future for your own personal benefit, is a task that takes a lot of effort and takes a considerable amount of time to settle. If you have had previous experience when it comes to choosing the right provider plus dealt with policies that have translated to excellent coverage in your time of need, you may have taken some of these steps into consideration, which is why sharing some of these highlights to those of you who have yet to get insurance will surely give you key ideas to find the best policy for you.

A Variety of Information is Key

Ideas about insurance often are misinterpreted which is why it is important for you to recognize the information that are true from those that are not for you to end up with the right policy provider and the exact insurance plan that you need. Read up on the common issues that come about with having the right kind of policy versus that of ending up with those that do not give the appropriate aids and benefits, in this way you will have a better understanding of how to figure out how these different policies provide you with the necessary coverage.

Look at the Trustworthy Scale

By the time you have become familiar with the different ideas on insurance you would have also been able to recognize and see some of the popular providers that have been well supported by a good amount of clientele, which you too should get too inspect. Look up some of those providers that are available in your area and see which ones have topped the trustworthy scale of giving the best assistance to clients, this way you are rest assured that whatever policy you purchase you will be gaining the benefits you may need in the future.

Assume All Necessities

When it comes to getting insurance, be certain too of your own inquiries and details when it comes to the amount of coverage that you expect from your service provider, in this way they are able to give you a policy that will directly address all of your concerns. Based on all of the different insurance info that you have learned about find those that work best for you, and be certain to discuss all of these with your chosen provider so that they can get you the insurance plan that fits all of your needs.

Flexible Rates and Fees

By the time you finally decide on your insurance plan, be sure to also have a definite financial plan when it comes to dealing with your insurance payments, as most providers will give you the best deals as you get to discuss with them your current finances. Have a go at discussing any money matters with a service rep so that you not only get the assistance plan you need but you also get one that will work well with your own budget.




DW Streeters in Dartmouth

What do you think can be done to encourage Nova Scotias to use a more sustainable form of transportation?

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How Much Does it Cost You to Drive to Work?


  • 43% of you commute to work each day by bike
  • 37% of you will buy a hyrbid as their next vehicle
  • 61% of you list saving money as your main interest in fuel efficiency
  • 48% of you idle 0-59 seconds per day
*All percentages are based on DriveWiser poll results

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